Environmental-friendly & cost-effective solution for sulfate TiO₂ production plants.

AITiO₂ST™ – New Prospects for the Development of Sulfate TiO₂ Technology Using AITiO₂ST™ technology, new sulfate plants could be launched, or the sulfate production process at an old plant could be partly modernized/upgraded, whereas a variety of wastes would be transformed to saleables with high added value. As a result, productivity and economic efficiency will rise significantly.

Advantages of AITiO₂ST™ technology:

1. Economic Efficiency: Creating a portfolio of high value-added products makes production flexible to changing markets, thus, leading to significant increase in economic numbers of production in comparison with conventional sulfate and chloride technologies.

2. Non-waste production: ‘Green’ technology has minimal environmental impact: zero liquid wastes, almost no solid wastes, following the best European practices for air emissions, significant reduction of CO₂ emissions.

3. Energy Efficiency: Reduction of fresh water, natural gas, power and steam consumption leads to maximum energy efficiency.

4. Automation: The technology provides implementation of ‘Smart Factory’ approach, taking into account recent advances in the field of automation and production management in keeping with Industry 4.0 concept.

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