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Your company is a manufacturer of paints, plastics, paper or other materials and you search for alternative products instead of expensive TiO2 grades, which you use at present?

You look for inexpensive titanium dioxide produced in China, but you find it difficult to deal with the variety of Chinese manufacturers and the products they offer?

Your company is a titanium dioxide distributor and you want to know which new TiO2 grades you could offer to your clients?

You need contact information, phone numbers, e-mails and web-sites of different TiO2 manufacturers?

Your company is a titanium dioxide manufacturer and you want to know what products your business rivals have, to assess уour status and set goals for future development?

You are a market analyst and you want to get an idea of different titanium dioxide manufacturers’ product lines?

You need type classification of all commercially available titanium dioxide grades?

You get lost in the number of grades offered in TiO2 market and want to have a clear idea of which products are exactly suitable for your application?

Then the Dossier is exactly what you need!

  • Brief information on manufacturing companies in the world of titanium dioxide, from the world's top 5 companies to small manufacturers from China and India (115+ companies).

  • Principles of rutile titanium dioxide grades classification.

  • The classification of all TiO2 and Ti-based grades produced in the world according to their application:

    • 13 Types of Rutile grades
    • 4 Types of Anatase Grades
    • Several types of nano-TiO2 grades
    • Type of Non-spherical TiO2 grades
    • 3 Types of Electro-Conductive TiO2 grades
    • 7 Types of Reactive Ti-based grades
    • 9 Types of colored TiO2 grades

  • Approximately 1100+ TiO2 and Ti-based Grades of different types TDS’s for most Rutile, Anatase, Nano, Colored, and other TiO2 grades.

  • SDS’s/MSDS’s for most Rutile, Anatase, Nano, Colored, and other TiO2 grades.

  • Information on the availability of REACH registration.

  • Additional information materials on the products and technologies of various companies.

  • The volume of the Dossier with all supplements is 2500+ pages.

  • Several videos of some Companies, Products, Application Practices, Technology Descriptions etc. are included.

The time spent on finding of any TiO2 grade or Company shall not exceed 20 seconds

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The Dossier will be helpful for people of different professions and occupations:

  • Purchasing managers, engineers, technologists, R&D managers from different industry areas where TiO2 is used as a raw material:

    • Paint and Coatings;
    • Plastics;
    • Paper;
    • Décor Paper;
    • Cosmetics;
    • Food;
    • Pharmaceutics;
    • Ceramics;
    • Electroceramics;
    • Cement and Concrete;
    • Special Glass;
    • Vitreous Enamels;
    • Fibers;
    • Rubber;
    • Welding Rods;
    • Chemistry;
    • NOx control (Power Plants, Diesel Engines etc.);
    • Photocatalysis.

  • Employees of retail and distribution companies.

  • R&D managers, sales managers, engineers, technologists, quality assurance managers of TiO2 manufacturing companies.

  • Independent product engineers, research centers and universities staff members, employees of innovative companies and start-ups interested in development projects related to TiO2 development or use of titanium dioxide to develop other products.

Opportunities offered by the Dossier:

  • Finding information (TDS, SDS, additional informational materials provided by the manufacturer, including brochures, presentations, videos, test reports etc.) on any titanium dioxide grade.

  • Finding all commercially available analogs of any titanium dioxide grade produced by any company in the world.

  • Finding information about the manufacturer (company name, brief profile, Web-site, e-mail, phone numbers, address, available videos, brochures, presentations, etc.) of any titanium dioxide grade.

  • Classification of each titanium dioxide grade according to the principles set out in the Dossier.

  • Immediate identification of any grade depending on its end use.

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All products and manufacturing companies are listed in one table with hyperlinks:

  • Immediate finding of all grades of one type produced by competitor companies.

  • Immediate finding of all grades produced by the desired company.

  • You can download all the additional information on the company or the product required with just one mouse click on company or grade name.

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