The Ukrainian company RD Titan Group, within the 12th International Scientific Conference Advances in Plastics Technology – APT'17 in Sosnowiec, presented the development of Pigmentiox RP-113 for the clients who are interested in the technologies of finished (ready for use) titanium dioxide grades production: transfer of technology and manufacture of "turnkey" plant for the production of titanium dioxide for plastics applications Pigmentiox RP-113 grade. Capacity of one Pigmentiox RP-113 production unit is 5,000 tons per year. The unit allows for the use of calciner discharge (unmilled and uncoated TiO2) produced by various manufacturers, for example, from China, as a raw material for the production of special grade for plastics application. It makes it possible to organize cost-effective and small TiO2 production plants (starting from 5,000 tons per year) anywhere in the world. Time of production start is 10-12 months (from first payment). Payback time is approximately 1,5-2,0 years from production start.

Below is some information about Pigmentiox RP-113.

Pigmentiox RP-113 classify as Plastic Type 1 according to classification that is developed by RD Titan Group (please see Comprehensive Dossier of the World's Titanium Dioxide Grades and TiO2 Manufacturers)                  Pigmentiox RP-113 classify as Plastic Type 1 













Pigmentiox-113 classify as Plastic Type 1


Characteristics Content
Content of TiO2 min. 97%
Loss at 105°C (within 24h after manufacturing) max. 0,2%
Oil absorption 13-17 g/100g
Water drop’s contact angle min. 100°
Dispersibility ISO 8780-4 max. 30 mkm
Dispersibility ISO 8780-5 max. 30 mkm

Application: Polyolefin Masterbatch, Flexible PVC (interior), High temperature Cast Films, Thin Films, PVC-plastisols.

Properties: Outstanding Dispersion and Processing, High Hydrophobic Feature, No Migration of Organic Compound, Lacing Resistance, High Hiding Power, High Brightness.

Analogues: Ti-Pure R-104, Tioxide R-FC5, Tioxide R-FC6, Tioxide TR23, Tioxide TR28, Tioxide TR38, Deltio 5X, Sachtleben R-FK-2, Sachtleben R 630, Tiona RCL-4, Tiona RCL-69, Tiona 125, Tiona 134, Tiona 188, Tiona 288, Kronos 2075, Kronos 2500, Tronox CR-470, Tronox CR-834, Tronox 8400.