RD Titan Group has participated in DrM Filtration Day Seminar. DR. MUELLER company produces a range of products including filters for general purpose solid/liquid separation, the pharma and biotech industries and filter-dryers for the fine chemicals and pharmaceutical market.

DrM Filtration Day Seminar - theoretical part

The event gathered in one place around sixty DrM customers from all over the world. It encouraged experts in the development, engineering, design, operation and maintenance of industrial filtration system. Moreover, the seminar was hold on the beautiful shores of the lake of Zurich in Maennedorf, Switzerland.

The DrM Filtration Day began from the greetings and introduction from the owner of DrM, Patrick Mueller, and Sales Director, Martin Pfeiffer. During the seminar DrM colleagues overviewed the basic and the newest products, providing many details and introduced with latest trends in filtration technology. They shared many details with the potential and actual customers, that led to an active discussion between top industry and research experts. The seminar ended up with DrM invitation to all the attendees to its headquarter, where the workshop tour with demonstrations including DrM in-house filtration lab was guided.

DrM Filtration Day Seminar - group photo


It was our great pleasure to attend this excellent event!